Dear visitors of the ticket portal,

Welcome to the CBsystem portal that serves for booking and ordering tickets for events organised in České Budějovice and its surroundings.

The organised events are thematically divided into categories located in the left part of the window: Theatre, Concert, Musical, Sport, Children, Other. On the right, you can view all Venues of the events or the programme and titles according to the organiser – South Bohemian Theatre or Booking Office. Use the general calendar for better orientation in dates.

Pay attention to the registration at our CBsystem portal.



The homepage of the portal shows the current offer includes the recommended events.

Use the Search field located in the upper right part of the page for fast searching. The corresponding titles, objects and genres will be displayed when you enter the name or its part.


The possible type of booking, order and purchase with the defined method of payment and collection (delivery) of the tickets is always stated directly at the selection of the seats in the venue of the selected event.

If the limit of all types of ticket bookings is exceeded for a particular event, you will see the information in the venue of the event that it is not possible to book the tickets. In this case it is not possible to add any seats for the selected event to the shopping basket.

NOTICE: The organiser of the event does not have to offer all the described ticket booking, order or purchase options. Each type has an individual limit set by the organiser regarding when it is possible to book, order or purchase tickets in this way on the portal.

Options (types) of ticket booking

  • Personally – advance booking office
  • By post in the Czech Republic – cash on delivery
  • Invoice payment – only after a telephonic arrangement
  • E-ticket – payment by card online

When the ticket booking is completed, the assigned number and the name you entered as well as the validity of the booking and information concerning the delivery of the tickets is displayed.
A handling charge for postage may be added to the price of the tickets when the tickets are delivered by post. This charge is displayed during the selection of the tickets in the venue according to the selected type of booking and delivery method of the tickets and then in all the steps of the ticket booking.

Information to the individual methods of payment and delivery of the booked tickets


When you select this method of booking, you will pay for the tickets when you collect them at the advance booking office. The list of salesrooms where you can collect booked tickets is in the Salesrooms link.

Cash on delivery

This type of ticket order is only possible when the tickets are to be sent to an address within the territory of the Czech Republic. You will be asked to pay by the carrier upon delivery of the consignment. We send tickets paid in cash on delivery no later than 30 days before the event. The handling fee (postage and handling) is CZK 120.


The salesroom will issue and send you a demand for payment. You will make the payment for the tickets on the basis of these documents. The amount of the order must be credited to the account stated in the demand by the date of its maturity.
If you request an invoice, please state the necessary invoice data in your registration (company identification number, tax identification number in the Company field after the company name).
The tickets will be sent to the address stated in the order after payment. This type of delivery can be used for delivering tickets to an address in the Czech Republic and on the basis of a prior telephonic arrangement with the particular salesroom, if it provides this service.

E-ticket – payment by card online

Payment by credit card online is executed through the payment gate in the certified payment system of GP webpay. You can get more information about the GP webpay payment system at the web pages of the provider Global Payments Europe. This gate accepts VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard and Maestro bank cards in online transactions. The 3-D Secure standard is used for the unique identification of all parties involved in the transaction. The main advantage of the payment gate is the complete safety of your payments. You can then print your e-ticket at home or in your office.

Detailed e-ticket purchase description

Firstly, log into the CBsystem: fill in your user name and password in the upper right corner. To complete the log in, click on the arrow.
To select a performance, use the Venue options on the right, Genre selection on the left or the Current Offer.
When you open a particular performance, the auditorium with available and taken seats will be displayed; you can view the numbers of the seats in a row by the cursor and select the seat by clicking on it.
Select the method of the ticket delivery: e-ticket, and method of payment: payment card. Add it to the basket, then check the contents of the basket or execute changes (choose a discount or another special offer) and continue.
Check your personal data and continue; your ticket order will be now reviewed. Continue until the option Pay. Click on Pay and you will be redirected to the GP webpay page.
Complete the number of your card, its expiry date and the last 3 digits from the back of the card (control code – CVC 2, CVV2).
If everything proceeds correctly, a message stating that the online payment has been successful will appear on the screen and you can immediately print the e-ticket by clicking on Print the e-ticket.
If you do not print the ticket right away, you can find it in the My Bookings list for printing later. We never send an e-ticket to your email!
The My Bookings field shows an overview of your operations in the CBsystem. You can find the details of your order or print the e-ticket under the round blue “i” icon.
To print the e-ticket, you need the capability to print documents in the PDF format (if you do not have it, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free).

If you used the help below the pictures of the payment cards in the online payment step, do not press the back button but click on My Bookings and select an active e-ticket (round blue icon). Click on the change in the method of delivery where you can select the e-ticket again and confirm. Go back to the basket and continue to payment.

If the payment of the tickets is not successful, you will be automatically redirected back to the booking portal where the result of the payment is displayed. The selected tickets will be released from the shopping basket back to the sale.

The payment may be unsuccessfully completed due to the following reasons:


  • You have input the wrong data related to your payment card
  • There were insufficient funds on the customer’s account at the time of the payment
  • The payment card cannot be used for transactions on the internet (if you want to activate it, contact the issuer of the card: your bank)
  • There was a technical problem or another problem with the card – expired, limit exceeded, technical problem in the authorisation centre etc.

The system is designed so that the order process will be completed in about 30 minutes even if you are not redirected back to the booking portal but the payment has been successful. The current status of your order can be found at My Bookings after you log in.


Registration at the booking portal is obligatory in all cases except booking tickets with a payment at the advance booking office – personal ticket collection. It is better to register before you select the tickets and add them to the shopping basket. If you do not register right away, you will be asked to do so in the following steps but with a time limit.

The advantage of the registration at the booking portal is the following access to your bookings/orders created through the booking portal or paid by your payment card online. You can view the bookings, orders and purchased tickets in My Bookings after you log in.

The registration also includes the option “I agree with subscription to news sent by email.” If the event organiser sends information by email, you will be informed of it.


  1. Click on New registration.
  2. The form for personal data will appear. Fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory.
  3. Enter your User name which you will use to log in later. Enter your Password. The second Password field is used for verification of the accuracy of the entered password. Be careful as the system recognises lower case and capital letters as well as diacritics.
  4. If you want to be informed of any news, check “I agree with subscription to news sent by email.”
  5. Complete the registration by clicking on Register.
  6. The uniqueness of the user name and completion of the obligatory fields is checked. If you are asked for a change or amendment, follow the instructions.
  7. A question about the correctness of the entered data will appear. If everything is alright, press the Register button. The message confirming the success of your registration will appear.

You can amend your data after logging in by clicking on the link to Registration.

You can log into the system by entering your user name (login) and password for the following purchases or ticket bookings.


You can log into the portal only if you have registered before. If you are not a registered user, you can register here. Enter you User name (login). Enter your Password. Each character is displayed as hidden content so that no-one can see it. Press the Registration button. Your name and surname will appear in the upper part of the page after a successful login.

NOTICE: You have to enter the same user name and password under which you are registered to log into the booking portal. The system recognises capital and lower case letters and diacritics.

When you leave the portal, it is better to log out for security reasons – click on the arrow in the link to Log out, which is located at the top on the right next to your name.

Forgotten password

If you forget the password that you have entered in your registration data and you cannot log in, click on Forgotten password. Enter the email address that you registered into the field that will appear. When you enter an email address that does not correspond with the registered one, you will be immediately notified. When you enter a correct email address, you will receive a login password in a few minutes.


The process of ticket booking, order and purchase is executed in a graphically pleasant view of the auditorium (grandstand) where you will mark the selected seats you are interested in and add them to the shopping basket. The booking system is designed so that only one ticket can be sold for one seat. It may happen that someone else books the seat in the meantime. In this case you will be informed that the booking process was not executed correctly or which seat could not be booked for you.

Selection of seats

You can find the link with the date of the event and the link with the name of the event (title) on the page with the programme of events. Click on the date of the event which will take you to the view of the auditorium (grandstand) where you can select individual seats. If you click on the title of the event, a chart with all the dates when the title is performed will appear. Click on Book and the auditorium (grandstand) for the selected event will appear and you can choose tickets for your shopping basket. The seats that have already been taken are crossed out and cannot be selected. You can find the colour variation of the individual price zones and all the methods of booking and payment for tickets in the upper part. The total price for the selected seats is displayed in the Total field.

Mark the seats you want to buy using the mouse cursor. The maximal number of marked and booked seats at a time may be limited and you will be notified when you exceed the limit. Choose one of the methods of payment and delivery of the tickets. You can get detailed information about the method of payment and delivery of the tickets by clicking on the “?” icon. Before you add the tickets to the shopping basket, select the method of the delivery and payment for the tickets. Continue by clicking Add to basket. The content of the shopping basket will be displayed. You can see the title and date of the event and the total price of the tickets. If you do not wish to book any more tickets, click on Continue. If you wish to add tickets for a different event, click on Select another event and continue. You can also delete tickets from the basket, either individually or all at once.

Contact data

If you have selected all the requested tickets, go to the basket and click Continue. When you select some booking and order types, you will be asked to log into the system. If you have logged in before the selection of the tickets, your contact data will be automatically completed. If you are not registered, a registration form where you have to enter your personal data will appear. The fields marked with an asterisk are obligatory and it is not possible to continue in the registration if you do not fill them in. When you complete the form, click Continue. The form with the entered data will appear for checking. If the data is correct, press Continue.

Final review (summary)

This step displays the information about the completed booking. The system has generated a booking number that is important for further manipulation with the booked tickets. You will see a precise description of the following steps, validity, collection place or information concerning the payment for the tickets if you have selected payment “by bank transfer”. You will receive a confirmation of the booking to your registered email within a few minutes (if you have checked the field “I want to receive a confirmation email about the completed ticket selection”). You can view the booking (if you are registered) again in My Bookings.

If you selected the option “Payment card (online)”, you will be redirected to a payment gate by clicking Pay in this step where you will be asked to enter the data to your payment card (payment).

If you decide to cancel the booking at this point for any reason, just press Release all selected tickets and the booking will be immediately cancelled. If you want to print out the final review of your booking, press Print ticket information. If you have checked the option “I want to receive a confirmation email about the completed ticket selection”, the confirmation email has already been sent. If you have not done so but you want to receive a confirmation email, press Send confirmation email. Return to the homepage by pressing New ticket selection.


Registered portal users can view the list of their bookings through the link to My Bookings that they made or purchased online through this portal. The link is not displayed if you are not logged in.

Click on My Bookings to view all your bookings. You can get detailed information about the method of payment and delivery of your tickets by pressing the round blue “i” icon. You can easily delete individual seats from the booking in selected types.

If you have selected the e-ticket, you can print this ticket from this list.

Print the e-ticket

The e-ticket can be printed immediately after completion of the payment by card online. A confirmation of the payment will appear with a red field Print the e-ticket.

If you do not print the e-ticket right away, you will find it in the list of My Bookings. After you log in and enter the list of My Bookings, the order for which you selected the option of the e-ticket will be displayed with a round blue “i” icon. Clicking the icon will display the details of the selected order. The details of the order will display the icon for printing the e-ticket for each event included in the order. However, for printing the e-ticket you need a programme that allows printing of documents in the PDF format (if you do not have one, you can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free).

We never send an e-ticket to your email!

NOTICE: The organiser or the seller is not responsible for any difficulties caused by an unauthorised use or copy of the e-ticket. The e-ticket must be kept in a safe place to prevent misuse. Admission to the event is only allowed on the basis of the e-ticket which goes through the checking device first. When you show the e-ticket again or show its copy, you will not be admitted to the event regardless of who submits the e-ticket.


This link contains all salesrooms (boxing offices) including the address, email, web pages, telephone number and opening hours in which you can purchase or collect your bookings. The list of the salesrooms is located in the upper part of the page. It is also displayed in the final overview upon completion of the booking.


The organiser guarantees that your personal data are considered to be strictly confidential and will never be sold or transferred to another company pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act No. 101/2000 Coll.


Paid admission cannot be refunded; tickets will not be replaced.
We do not provide compensation for lost tickets.
Tickets must be stored in a safe place preventing their misuse.
Falsification of tickets is punishable by law; the ticket becomes invalid if altered additionally.
Ticket holders shall observe the rules determined by the event organiser.
Changes in the programme and the cast are reserved.
The complaint shall always be submitted to the seller from whom the tickets were purchased.
In case of a cancelation of the event, you have to apply for an admission refund within 30 days at the salesroom where you purchased the ticket. The admission for tickets paid in cash on delivery or for e-tickets is returned to the customer’s account number that he or she will state in the request for refund. The tickets must be enclosed to the request.

Please send any questions or potential claims to the address stated in the Contact section.

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